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  • Born to Die (that we may live)   5 years 29 weeks ago

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  • No religion superior to another   5 years 30 weeks ago

    I find it interesting that CMU was willing to host this interfaith gathering and be public about it, given the way CMU handled the interfaith component of PIT this year.

    CMU's Peace-It-Together conference (PIT) featured visits to a local mosque and a local Hindu temple as workshop choices this year. The PIT organizers were excited about this, stating "participants can explore what Christian peace has to do [with] the peace of other religions" ( The official CMU media release, however, made no mention of these interfaith learning opportunities, despite their otherwise comprehensive description of what happened at PIT this year (see

    Why the double standard, when it comes to learning about and learning from other faiths?

  • No religion superior to another   5 years 31 weeks ago

    While Steve Plenert's comment at the end of the article affirms the centrality of Jesus, that is not the sense of the participants, according to him. His first comment is, "“There was no sense that one of these religions or faiths is superior or better."

  • No religion superior to another   5 years 31 weeks ago

    I must say that I agree with the comment on this article's title. It seems a very odd choice, considering that we must believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour if we are to be called Christian. Of course, I don't consider my faith in Jesus a "religion"; rather it is a relationship.

    I really appreciated the intent of the event, and think it is very important to learn about the belief systems of others. I do think the title is misleading, and likely not one I could endorse.

  • No religion superior to another   5 years 31 weeks ago

    I commend the efforts of those, like Kampen, who organize events in which representatives of these different faiths, and folks in the audience, can hear one another in mutual respect and in deepening relationship.

    That said, I think that the title for this article is an unfortunate choice of wording. It neither summarizes the general feel of the article, nor does it accurately display Plenert's closing comments about MCC's affirmation of the centrality of Jesus Christ.

  • Man alive!   5 years 32 weeks ago

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think Mad Men is one of the best television series in the U.S. in the last 20 or 30 years. I don’t usually watch too many series because frankly, I rarely get hooked on the plot. But Mad Men, especially, is a well-written and well contextualized series set in the decade of the 60’s, where many important events marked the history of this country, like the hippie movement or the civil rights movement. These events defined the culture of an era and that's exactly what Mad Men tells us from the perspective of an advertising agency and all its members.

  • I am from the Mennonites   5 years 33 weeks ago

    "Still in the excitement of newfound belonging, I learn that Mennonite-the-culture has become taboo. The fear is that if we talk about “Mennonite” names and food, we will exclude people who are from other ethnic backgrounds. That concern is fair. But it is one thing to welcome people of different backgrounds into our communities; it is another to shy away from our own heritage." Thanks for your reflections, Elise. Everybody needs to "belong" and to understand self in the context of community and heritage. At the same time, it will always be important for Mennonites to be intentional about embracing others, and to continually reflect on faith, heritage and being a welcoming people.

  • Depression: Let's Talk   5 years 33 weeks ago

    Terrell, a fine topic. But has all of this got anything to do with faith, the Church, or Christian spirituality? Of course it has, as you and I both know. But your article doesn't go there. Why not? How will the church's conversation about mental health differ from, say, TSN's or Bell Media's? How is depression viewed from the perspective of faith? Where is God in all of this? I would have loved to see some reflection on these questions in what I assume is supposed to be a faith-based blog. So sure, let's talk. But let's talk about the intersection of mental health and Christian faith rather than that of mental health and pop culture. Any thoughts?

    Your Friend Glenn

  • I am from the Mennonites   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Hi Elise,
    You're insight is a good one; however, now I'll throw a wrench into it, something that is being looked into that could make for an interesting background.

    It seems that we might have quite a bit in common with a certain other ethnic and national group that has been hounded across the globe over millenia - the Jews.

    "The Hebrew origin of our Mennonite people is something that you might want to consider seriously. Whether or not you agree will have profound consequences." This statement is the opening line from the following website:

    I know that in my family, about 5 generations back, my grandmother was actually Jewish, but now to find that I could have deeper and older Jewish roots is quite intriguing. You might want to check out that website and make your own decision about your origin, come to your own conclusion.


  • I am from the Mennonites   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi, good writing and thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It makes me feel proud to come from the Mennonites. Love Carol

  • Despite Egypt’s turmoil, I am optimistic   5 years 38 weeks ago

    i am Pessimistic

  • A confession   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Have you ever read Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie mystery series? His protagonist, Isabel, is a philosopher in Edinburgh and edits the Review of Applied Ethics. So Smith puts a lot of applied ethics in the book. Isabel is the type of person who is compelled by a moral imperative to step into people's lives when they are presented to her and to help them. Smith advocates for being morally responsible for those around oneself. Good stuff.

    As to your experience, I too have found myself in situations similar to these. At times, I have acted and at other times I have not. It is as you say, we weigh our actions in light of many varying circumstances but much of what we do is based on fear. We do not do what we ought because we are afraid of something. I have often pondered Jesus' words "perfect love casts out fear."

  • Flash mob for peace   5 years 46 weeks ago

    As Canada, under its current government, becomes more militarized, and the remembrance of soldiers being killed in present-day wars blurs with the memories of the First and Second World Wars, I'm not sure all Remembrance Day ceremonies are meant to convey the message of "Never Again."
    Lots of the kids I went to elementary school with had parents in the military (I lived near the military housing in Winnipeg), and Remembrance Day at that school was definitely a glorification of war. It probably depends somewhat on the particular community.

  • Remember the blood   5 years 46 weeks ago

    It really was! Thanks for your encouragement!
    - B.

  • Mennonites and the 99%   5 years 48 weeks ago

    Why is this post not in the Magazine?

  • The gap in Mennonite literature   5 years 50 weeks ago

    I disliked A Complicated Kindness because, although well written, it presented a worldview that seemed completely of a different generation than the apparent timeframe - having lived in Manitoba during that period and knowing a lot of young people from those southern communities, it seemed to me like one long lie. Of course, nothing breeds drama like alienation. But I hope story tellers emerge who can frame their work more currently/honestly.

  • The gap in Mennonite literature   5 years 51 weeks ago

    Thanks for articulating in such a thoughtful way the gap that exists between some portrayals of Mennonite culture in Mennonite literature and contemporary forms of Mennonite faith that are affirming of the arts and open to creativity in theology as well. I'll use your post to start discussion in the next Mennonite literature class I teach!

  • Women's work?   5 years 51 weeks ago

    Thanks for tackling this complex issue, Susie. I agree that the demands on women are essentially layering up, rather than one thing replacing another.

    It's odd that even among those of us who claim to want to live simply and according to relationally-focussed priorities, it is still so unusual to find individuals, couples, and families who really live a balance by sharing their burdens. Part of what makes this tricky is that every priority comes with its sacrifices, and we've been trained to believe that forgoing a robust, full-time career would be an enormous sacrifice indeed. Another complicating factor is having to explain yourself to other people who simply accept North America's cultural demand to do all, be all, and have all.

    On a somewhat more practical note: From what I've seen, if you are trying to achieve a balance between careers, parenting, church involvement, political activism, etc., it really helps to have some friends who also live intentionally rather than by cultural default. Now and again, it's good to be reminded that you are not alone out there!

  • Random acts of kindness along the road   6 years 2 days ago

    Really? I guess we can all be thankful we're not reading their obituaries. That's not doing good - it's just being dumb, and I'm disappointed in CM publishing that without comment.

  • The gap in Mennonite literature   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Please tweak formatting to improve readability. Lines between paragraphs would go a long way. Consistant formatting between all the blogs posted here would be appreciated, too.

  • The gap in Mennonite literature   6 years 4 weeks ago

    Great post. Well appreciated.

  • Are youth pastors the problem?   6 years 4 weeks ago

    I'm not sure that "intergenerational activities or other whole church bonding events" are what either the youth or the adults are looking for. Youth groups of prior generations used to provide activities for youth who didn't have enough to do, but idleness is no longer the problem that young people face. If you listened to your youth about their current needs you might discover a way in which the adults could show the youth Christ's love without trying to get busy young people to show up for yet another event. The youth of this generation might want something completely different - like employment opportunities or support for their social activism. They need to be integrated into the adult community, not given fun diversions like generations past.

  • Lemonade for international aid   6 years 5 weeks ago

    Well done ladies! We are doing this too! Setting up our stand tomorrow! :)

  • Politicians are people too.   6 years 7 weeks ago

    Hi Janna!

    Thanks for your inspiring words. I feel like there is so much more take away from this post than meets the eye. All I can think about is how important it is for the church and society to know the stories of people before making decisions and opinions about them.


  • Politicians are people too.   6 years 7 weeks ago

    Great post Janna. I really appreciate your prophetic challenge for us to see our politicians as real people; and I think its precisely this prophetic message that could transform the otherwise brilliant NDP party to reconsider its stance on abortion - since these fetuses are people too.