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  • Marching to Zion   5 years 5 weeks ago

    That last comment was from me, Carol Penner, at The First Mennonite church.

  • Marching to Zion   5 years 5 weeks ago

    Thanks Vanessa for your thoughtful article and putting into words what I also felt, Jerusalem with a voice!

  • On "coupledom" and singleness   5 years 6 weeks ago

    I posted that.
    --Michael Turman

  • On "coupledom" and singleness   5 years 6 weeks ago

    Thanks for your reflections, Susie. I can think of many celibate or single Christians who have been good models of faith for me. Do you see or have you seen any venues where singleness is affirmed in the Mennonite Church?

    Does anyone reading this have ideas for how we might affirm faithful, celibate lives?

  • Strangers and Pianos   5 years 6 weeks ago

    Amusing and slightly unsettling story, Brandi. Thanks!

    Michael T.

  • Swords and ploughshares   5 years 7 weeks ago

    Hi vanessa we really enjoyed your article
    ...i would like to talk about this some more
    Papa& grandma.

  • Seeding new relationships   5 years 13 weeks ago

    - I think rachel was trying to reflect the -other two- community gardens that Nathan, Andrew and/or I help run, which are run by Christians, as we are Christians, and have helped organize their functioning. It might not be clear, but their are three differnt gardens in conversation here.

    - Andrew gardens at a different community garden in the Chandler-Mowat area rather than the Vic Hills area

    - The other gardens to function because of some donations and because people are willing to voulnteer time and effort. Victoria Hills Garden DOES function with fees.

    - I live in an area of Victoria Hills where violence, though not threatening to myself, occurs often. It might not be always public or reported, but breakins, abuse, and drug culture are regularilly evident. I feels that statement it is somewhat reflective of where I live and what occurs in the community around me.

    Blessings and peace - B.

  • Seeding new relationships   5 years 14 weeks ago

    As a coordinator of the Victoria Hills Multicultural Community Garden, I am disappointed by the misrepresentation of our community in this article. Specifically:

    -The garden is not run by Christians, it is run by volunteers. We are not all Christian. Further I feel that such labels do not help our efforts to promote cross-cultural understanding.

    -The Victoria Hills neighbourhood is not a broken neighbourhood that sees a great deal of violence. Current Waterloo Regional Police Services statistics show this region to be about average for reported crime and the neighbourhood has a vibrant and active community centre and public spaces.

    -Our garden is not funded through donations but via fees paid by our members.

    -Andrew Wiebe is not a member of our garden.


  • A Collision or (3+4=7)   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Nice review! I'm impressed by the way you summed up the album so well, as it is so diverse. One of my favorite albums... and bands. :)

  • Carrying on traditions   5 years 16 weeks ago

    Hey Brandi-good job on the article!! Our boys look abnormally taller than us. But still cute.

  • Where are the manly mentors?   5 years 17 weeks ago

    This is an interesting column. Rachel, I think the experience you've described here is very common - women are often uncomfortable with the ways guys look at and talk about attractive women.

    The point that struck me the most was that you framed your discomfort as a gender equality issue and that your father framed it as a failure to adhere to traditional gender roles. Would be fascinating if you did a column on attitudes towards these two schools of thought - perhaps surveying some 30-somethings how their attitudes about gender equality have changed since their 20s.

  • Where are the manly mentors?   5 years 17 weeks ago

    So True, and girls do this all the time too!

  • Where are the manly mentors?   5 years 17 weeks ago

    I found this article interesting, but I was also a little confused. I'm not exactly sure what type of social project you're advocating here, but if it is to stop straight men from talking about the sexual appeal of women they encounter when in groups, you must be out of your mind. First, I highly doubt that this has nothing to do with biology (have you missed out on sex education?). Second, I doubt his is anything new, or something that was not done in the "age of chivalry". Third, the men in the church who don't do this now likely did do this when they were younger but are now married and thus either bored with women or have a sense that they are no longer able to do this with their married friends.
    While I agree that it was rude for these guys to do this in front of you, Rachel, I still think that this is a hopeless project, and that your best attempt at stopping this type of behaviour is to use hormone therapy during puberty to stop sexual development in boys (I do not advocate this btw)

  • Where are the manly mentors?   5 years 17 weeks ago

    Those guys you hung with - that used to be me. I would say there are a variety of factors that influenced my inappropriate behavior. But it was the mentorship of good Christian men and some confrontational female friends that helped to smarten me up; that and just growing up a bit.

  • Where are the manly mentors?   5 years 17 weeks ago

    Nice one Rachel!

    Although I would like to add a point.

    Many congregations DO have mentorship programs, however in my opinion that maybe these mentorship programs lack focus, clarity, and maybe a certain intentionality about the things that are discussed, shared and nurtured within those mentor-mentee relationships.


  • A time to re-imagine the seminary?   5 years 19 weeks ago

    David. I'm surprised they allowed your comment to stand seeing as you are old.


  • A time to re-imagine the seminary?   5 years 20 weeks ago

    This was David Driedger (from the 'old' voices section of CM)

  • A time to re-imagine the seminary?   5 years 20 weeks ago

    Didn't read the post . . . the burning question is how they let on the 'Young Voices' site?!

  • What’s old is new again   5 years 21 weeks ago

    Nice to see an extended family member featured in the Canadian Mennonite. :-)

  • Knitting’s new life   5 years 24 weeks ago

    I've seen knitting make a real revival among younger people too... they knit in the park, on the subway, on the bus etc. It's become really trendy again and all the older skills that were are risk of disappearing are now given a chance through the new generation of knitters! I think one thing that has fuelled this is the availability of supplies on the internet which has pushed prices down. Most craft materials are now available via

  • A Christian life is a call to service   5 years 25 weeks ago

    I read this in the hard copy edition, which I had spread out on the kitchen table so I could read it while rocking my fussy daughter in my arms. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. Thank you.

  • In defense of Christian contemporary music   5 years 25 weeks ago

    CCM has been a huge influence in my life, and is still my primary genre. Whereas I separate CCM from worship music, I totally understand what you're saying. If I am going to have a song running through my head, I would prefer that it be beneficial or, at the least, neither positive nor negative.

  • Young Voices on religion vs. spirituality   5 years 26 weeks ago

    Religion does not refer to the "people" [who follow Jesus Christ] which would be more accurately described as the "church" or "believers". Religion is unfortunately a bogged down word in today's society and literally conjures up ideas of hollow ritual more than it does a free and unrestricted relationship with the Lord.

    I think what Jefferson is attempting to accomplish is to show the true heart of Jesus - which really IS to abolish religion. And he truly did that (and did a great job of pissing off all the religeous people while he was at it!)

    I'm bothered by the critique of this video because it feels like some of the comments come from an offended spirit. Jefferson wasn't trying to say that the ritual observance of your faith is wrong. But I think we can all agree that observance of the law without LOVE means nothing. And when Christ said it was finished, I believe he was referring to necessity of the Law. I think Jefferson is trying to extract a fairly murky and tainted word from the Christian vocabulary in order to show that it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus Christ. This is especially important for people who don't understand or have been burned by the church before.

    The general societal understanding of the word 'religion' seems to be 'laws', 'rituals' and 'meeting expectations'. So why hold on to it so tightly? Religion is not our faith. It has NOTHING to to with God's plan! It certainly doesn't save people. We CAN still act out our faith. We can still have tradition. That in itself is not bad. But religion is NOT the point of Christianity at all. In fact it has remarkably little to do with it. I think that was what Jefferson was trying to get at.

  • Resurrection   5 years 26 weeks ago

    A few questions :

    1. Will disabled people be resurrected with the same condition as disabled during they live on earth ?

    2. How is a resurrected one year old baby look like ?

    3. If the resurrected bodies are glorified and perfect - who still needs the fruit of the tree of life in New Jerusalem ?

    thank you.

  • The Church as an Outpost   5 years 29 weeks ago

    These are really great thoughts - I need to think through this all more, but your questions have given lots to mull over.

    My church is strong in both longevity and love, but that doesn't mean we have nothing to learn. I especially like: "The countless communities of Christ act as home base to each other by sending and supporting each other as outposts in the world."

    Most definitely some food for thought here.