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  • Random acts of kindness along the road   1 year 17 weeks ago

    You shared very inspiring experience with us. I am very glad women are also participating in act of kindness. It is not possible but some difficult for women.

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  • Rape culture from a Mennonite perspective   1 year 49 weeks ago

    Hi Rachel Bergen, thank you for your article. My comments don't need to be seen I was just hoping you could help me with a research topic I am doing. I am looking at each university across Canada to see which campuses have clear direction and understanding of where a person could go if they were sexually assaulted on campus. I can't seem to find that with Canadian Mennonite University and wondered if you might know of their link to resources?

    Thank you for your time

  • Young Mennos ‘occupy’ Wall Street and Winnipeg   1 year 51 weeks ago

    as we know now after months and years of lapsing these groups were just fronts for the ngo movements to overthrow government in a radical fashion and to cause havoc and disorder in society...and now knowing all the ngo's and their secret mandates and ability to use and manipulate, and coerce young people we are glad these groups are finally fading and they can go back to grazing...

  • Opening thoughts with Miriam Toews   2 years 4 weeks ago

    Miriam Toews,“besmirching the reputation of Mennonites” in this statement she looks like was defending her words on national literature.

  • Eating less, moving more   3 years 35 weeks ago

    You're welcome! Thank you for reading, and for commenting on the article. I appreciate it.

    Living to be healthy is so important, and if people can start to form those habits in grade school, they'll be better for it as the years go on.


  • It Is About Love: Mennonites and First Nations Dance In Peace Action   3 years 36 weeks ago

    I am agreed with the young speaker who said the Idle No More peace action was not necessarily about rights. The conference seems very grave.

  • Should we get rid of the cross?   3 years 37 weeks ago

    If it weren't for the cross there would have been I resurrection!

  • Summer Camp Bodies   3 years 37 weeks ago

    I love camping too. It is one way to have fun and adventure. Outdoors does good especially after long school or working sessions and camp is the best idea.

  • Eating less, moving more   3 years 38 weeks ago

    I've also started dropping pounds (50lbs since June 2013), with a goal of 140lbs total weight loss. I'm using LoseIt (a cell-phone calorie counting App).

    Aaron, your story is inspiring. May God continue to bless you as you seek to honour the body God gave you and serve him with it!


  • Eating less, moving more   3 years 39 weeks ago

    I just read your article to my daughter and wanted to let you how inspiring it was to both of us. We had just this evening spoken about the difference between making choices to lose weight or making choices to be healthy. She has to do a "Passion Project" for school and has decided that it will be on 'living to be healthy' in all aspects of life. Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your journey.

  • Fearless Generosity   3 years 41 weeks ago

    nice title and nice article. The discussed issue became a bit philosophical to me. Generosity is something that we do not easily understand. Thanks for the article.

  • Arts & Worship; Imagine If The Church Led (#3)   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Is it the church's JOB to be at the pinnacle of creative outlets? No, the church's JOB is be the bride of Christ, to follow the great commision, to love your neighbour, and so on.

    While leadership in the creative arts may not be the job of the church, it is something that should be the -result- of the faithfulness of the global church. When the church is faithful and loves like Christ designed, it -should- spill into everything. I am not talking about the ancient "In the name of the Church!" act, I am talking about redeeming broken systems and vulgar artistic expressions because Christ's love invades and redeems. Not to replace artists in industries,but to redeem. Affirmation is great, but I believe there is a bigger picture.

    Christ is redeeming all of creation. Everything, including artist expression, should/needs to reflect and be apart of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not in 'the name of the Church', but as a result of Christ's redeeming love. Not as the 'job' of the Church, but as a result of the Church pursuing the redemption of Christ.

  • Encourage single people in the church   3 years 45 weeks ago

    Amanda here - I just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback on this article. My hope was to get conversations started in lots of congregations aside from just mine! I am happy to report though that I've received a serious amount of hugs since writing this!

  • Encourage single people in the church   3 years 45 weeks ago

    Amen. Amen. And Amen.

  • Encourage single people in the church   3 years 47 weeks ago

    I got married at 27 - which is young enough to not have been single forever, but old enough to feel being single keenly.

    Before I got married I was in two bible studies and a prayer ministry group, taught Sunday school, ministered as a high school teacher, spent an hour with God every morning in devotion and companionship, volunteered regularly, and loved on and hung out with friends in whatever spare time I had left.

    After marriage in short order I was pregnant, and in five years I had three kids. Now my devotional life is shot, any ministry I engage in means some other able-bodied adult is fully occupied with my children, and whatever impact I was having as a professional is gone. I don't count my influence with my children as nothing - I hope it is a precious gift to the Lord and of great value to His kingdom - but there is no doubt that my role has dramatically changed.

    To echo the above post, we have ignored to our detriment what both Paul and Timothy had to say about singleness. Family is a blessing, but the ability to be an adult who has the freedom to focus all your attention and energy on matters outside an immediate family is also an incredible gift. I think the church has failed to recognize the power of the single life - to take Paul seriously, and celebrate and even promote singleness as a calling from God. For some, like me, it is a temporary calling (as my calling to be a teacher may well have been) and for others it is life long - regardless, it is a priceless opportunity to be celebrated and not squandered.

  • Encourage single people in the church   3 years 47 weeks ago

    Well written Amanda.

    Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to express one's feelings in this manner, and it is good that you have done so. It will be a tremendous encouragement to others who are single.

    Hopefully it will also help to open the eyes of those who are married and perhaps simply don't realize or think about the feelings of those who are not.

    May God bless you in your life and future ministry, and may you feel His presence with you at all times.

  • Arts & Worship; Imagine If The Church Led (#3)   3 years 47 weeks ago

    Hey Brandi,

    There was a time when the church lead in arts and invention. Throughout Christendom, when the church was the lens and structure of society, most of the greatest art and invention was done in the name of God and the church. Is that what you are referring to?

    I don't think it's the church's job to be at the pinnacle of arts and scientific innovation. Christ was a carpenter, and he didn't come to show us the amazing things we can build with wood. I wonder if his innovation was in revealing God's love for the world?

    My hope is the church would lead the way in finding creative ways to live out God's love to each other. That may well move us to create inspiring works of art! Or would it be enough to affirm and appreciate the innovations and inventions of others, whether believer or not?

    Mike Turman

  • Encourage single people in the church   3 years 48 weeks ago

    It isn't only the young who feel lonely! Older people who are widowed/divorced-by-defaulting-spouse, who have known coupledom can be sad too. It takes a lot of courage to step beyond your comfort-zone whatever age you are, and I would ask all churchgoers to be aware of this... and as for the 'only ones' I suggest you try to become involved by using your time or talents - anybody can help with dusting/polishing, and you become part of a team - these things snowball.

  • Encourage single people in the church   3 years 48 weeks ago

    As the only single twenty something at my church, I could not agree more with point #4. It is difficult to go to church, to see all of my married friends stand next to each other resting a hand on their spouses back and give each other the occasional peck on the cheek.
    I feel petty pointing it out, but if someone would come and give me a hug, it would really make my day!
    Also, dear Omas, any helpful hints on baking buns would be awesome, but please don't try to set me up with your grandsons!