Vision of an Icy River

My friend once wrote me an email, saying that she had been praying for me. While she had been praying for me, she saw a vision, and wrote to share it with me

She saw a picture of me skating on a river. It was a long river, where it was cold and the ice was hard. I kept skating and skating, even though it was cold and hard work.

Then I took another step, and with my skate broke through the ice with all the might I had. She wasn’t sure why I did it. Suddenly, I'm plunging into the icy water and I’m afraid that I'll get trapped under the ice. I am panicking and floundering around, and am kind of freaking out. There is no air, I am trapped beneath the ice, freezing cold, unable to breath or break free.

Then my head surfaces and I can breath again. I ask God, "Where are you??" and "Where were you in all of that?"

The answer? He is all around me - He is the ice, the river, everything.

Things may be uncomfortable at times with God, and His ways may not always make sense to you (like why did He let you go through pain?), but He is always surrounding you and you don't have to be afraid. He is sovereign, even over an icy river that tried to steal your life.

Isn’t that one of the more beautiful thoughts in life?

- B.

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