A Simple Prayer

God, our Mother and our Father

Jesus Christ, Holy Son

Holy Spirit, our Comforter


We offer our gratitude, for you are with us.

You are familiar without struggles and joys, and still you draw near to us. You are Holy.

We offer you gratitude for your sustaining love

For the relationships made and being made

For our daily bread

For the material we need to continue everyday

For how you renew our spirit when we struggle

We offer you gratitude for your grace, as we learn to give it to others

We acknowledge you in this journey, as a global family, and we ask you for your blessings as we seek your will. 

In your Holy Name, 


This prayer was written while I was in attendance of the 35th annual General Assembly for the World Student Christian Federation, in Bogota, Colombia, earlier this month. It was spoken in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.  I was attending as the Canadian delgate, and have currently taken on a student position as the North American Regional Representive on the Executive board. WSCF is a global ecumenical peace and justice organization that was founded in 1895, making it 120 years old. It has chapters in over 109 countries around the world. 


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