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Brandi Friesen Thorpe's Mennonite roots were grown in Saskatchewan, flourished in Manitoba, and have long explored the global church in South America and Europe. Married and deeply joyful, she resides for a season in Winnipeg, Manitoba, pursuing a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict studies. Her favourite experiences in life have to do with crossing paths strangers who share their stories. Be it joy, suffering, broken or beautiful, she'll engage it. She hopes to be challenged and challenge with each piece she writes. Quick. think hard, and send her ideas about what you want to hear about! Maybe she'll give you a shout out and use your inspirations. Email her @

A Simple Prayer

God, our Mother and our Father

Jesus Christ, Holy Son

Holy Spirit, our Comforter


(Grafted Poetry) Remembering that it Happened: Holy Expectation

What is grafted poetry, you ask? It's an invention of my poetic play, and I offer you a definition;

(Guest Blog) Dickens! We Are Ferguson: Reimagining Racism in Canada

Today's guest blogger is Deanna Zantingh, a masters of Theology student who currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.